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June 2018

Greetings to the citizens of Kimberling City,

I would like to begin by thanking the citizens for your support and re-electing me as your mayor. Please be assured, I will do my best for the city and all citizens in our community.

With warm weather arriving, it is time to start a few city projects. Following our five-year plan, we will begin repairing several roads this summer. Soon, we will be updating our city welcome signs, replacing the current signs which are over 40 years old. The new signs will present a professional welcome to Kimberling City for years to come. Our new city website is moving along very well and should be operational by the end of June.

Thanks to the efforts of the Table Rock Chamber of Commerce, on April 27, I welcomed over 500 fishermen and women to our city for the Tyson Bass Association Tournament. The Chamber organized this event and it reaps huge rewards for Kimberling City. This tournament alone accounted for over 400 room rentals at hotels, resorts and condos in the immediate area. These visitors also purchase goods, gasoline, tackle and other items in our City. I would like to point out the new businesses listed on page two of this newsletter. These businesses had faith to open in our city, please make sure you frequent them often. It is vital that our city supports fishing tournaments, local businesses and the Table Rock Chamber of Commerce.

Recent appointments to our city boards and committees are: Christie Thomas-Economic Development; Jackie Harris and Chad Swanson – Parks Board. Please join me in thanking these volunteers for their service. Volunteerism is so important to the success of our city. Without volunteers, our city could not progress and make the changes needed to sustain our future.

Kimberling City is moving in the right direction. We have citizens moving in throughout the year, new business growth and are receiving positive feedback on the changes we are making. I would like to thank our City staff  and the Board of Aldermen for their dedication, support and all they do to keep Kimberling City running smoothly.

As the weather changes and summer approaches, get out and enjoy our city and beautiful Table Rock Lake. As always, it is my pleasure as mayor to serve this community. Thank you for your support.


Bob Fritz